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Welcome to Rhythm-n-Beads ® and the studio of Deborahlynn Designs ®

How to order your rhythm beads....
CLICK ON "OUR STORE" to browse through our Rhythm Beads Collection, and once you have selected a design, visit our Pendants page where you will find an assortment of optional pendants, larger bells, and horse hair tassels to dress up your Rhythm Bead necklace!
R-n-B also offers Custom Designs, Breast Collar style rhythm beads and Feathers n' Flair mane & tail beads!
Coordinating accessories are available for any of our ready made or custom designs.

And, don't forget our drawstring storage bags to  store your rhythm beads in.

*** Avoid the use of fly spray or use sparingly, in area of necklace as the chemicals in it may cause bead discolouration***
If you want to buy a completely custom set of rhythm beads to your colour specifications, please contact me at
I'd love to work with you on a custom design.

Welcome to the studio of Deborahlynn Designs ®
I hope that you enjoy the variety of creative wire wrapped designs.
CLICK ON "OUR STORE" to browse through several collections, many of which carry over from my love of equines, but are not exclusively equine themed.
Current collections include Wired Whimsies, Wired Whinnies, Tree of Life and Hoofprints On Your Heart horseshoes.
I love a challenge, so I encourage you to contact me to commission custom designs.

Thank you for stopping by. I'd love to hear from you, and look forward to seeing your comments on my creations.

Deborahlynn Designs ® is a branch of Rhythm-n-Beads ©2006 ®2014
Owner/Artisan ~ Deborahlynn Sherwood

Flat rate shipping only
$8.00 per order!
Within the continental USA

If you are outside the US, Please DO NOT order through our website***
Please contact me by email to get an international shipping/handling quote. A list of what you would like to order will be necessary to calculate shipping charges. A paypal invoice will then be emailed to you for payment.


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Deborahlynn Designs ®2015

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Hoofprints On Your Heart Horseshoe Art © 2007
Wired Whinnies © 2009
Wired Whimsies ©2009
~Feathers n' Flair~ © 2013
Bit Bling ©2009

Rhythm-n-Beads owns the copyright on all design elements and content on this website.
All rights reserved.
You may not download, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any material on this page.
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Please do not copy our designs, borrow, use, lift, display, or post as your own work.

Rhythm-n-Beads ®2014
Deborahlynn Designs ®2015
Owner ~ Deborahlynn Sherwood

Deborahlynn Designs-Suncatchers & Jewelry
Deborahlynn Designs-Suncatchers & Jewelry
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
 'Hoofprints On Your Heart'  Horseshoes & Bits
'Hoofprints On Your Heart' Horseshoes & Bits
Rhythm Beads  Collection
Rhythm Beads Collection
Breast Collar Rhythm Beads
Breast Collar Rhythm Beads
Feathers n' Flair     NEW!
Feathers n' Flair NEW!
Coordinating Accessories
Coordinating Accessories
Custom Design My Own Rhythm Beads
Custom Design My Own Rhythm Beads
 Pendants, Bells & Horsehair Tassels
Pendants, Bells & Horsehair Tassels
AC Beadworks
AC Beadworks


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