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Pendants, Bells & Horsehair Tassels

Catalog > Our Store > Pendants, Bells & Horsehair Tassels

We offer Pendants, Larger Bells & Horsehair Tassels  to dress up your Rhythm Beads!
 'Some customers are using our horse hair tassels as 'mini shoo flys'....they are also creating necklaces for themselves from our pendants!'
If you would like a pendant or horsehair tassel added to a set of rhythm beads that you are ordering, please specify the rhythm bead design you wish your pendant to be added to, in the product text box.

Flat rate shipping fee of
$8.00 per order!
Within the continental USA

International Orders
lease DO NOT order through our website***
Please contact me by email to get an international shipping/handling quote. A list of what you would like to order will be necessary to calculate shipping charges. A paypal invoice will then be emailed to you for payment.


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Horse Hair Tassels-Horsehair Tassel
Horse Hair Tassels
Large  Center Bell-
Large Center Bell
Pewter Horse Head Pendant-Pewter horse head pendant
Pewter Horse Head Pendant
Pewter Sun with Celtic Knots Pendant-Pewter Sun with Celtic Knots Pendant
Pewter Sun with Celtic Knots Pendant
Pewter Feather with Eagle Pendant (large)-Pewter Feather with Eagle Pendant (large)
Pewter Feather with Eagle Pendant (large)
Pewter Horse Pendant-pewter horse pendant
Pewter Horse Pendant
Pewter Feather Mandala Pendant-
Pewter Feather Mandala Pendant
Pewter Horse Head Pendant-
Pewter Horse Head Pendant
Polar Express Sleigh Bell-
Polar Express Sleigh Bell
Large Center Acorn Bell-NEW!-
Large Center Acorn Bell-NEW!
Brass Jingle Heart  Bell-NEW!-Brass, heart bell, jingling heart bell, brass heart, brass bell
Brass Jingle Heart Bell-NEW!
Pewter Butterfly Pendant-NEW!-pewter butterfly pendant
Pewter Butterfly Pendant-NEW!
Mosaic Turquoise  Go-Go Pendant - NEW!-
Mosaic Turquoise Go-Go Pendant - NEW!
Mood Rectangle Pendant-NEW!-
Mood Rectangle Pendant-NEW!
Pewter Mood SquarePendant-NEW!-
Pewter Mood SquarePendant-NEW!
Out of Stock

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