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~Wired Whinnies Equine Suncatchers~

Catalog > Our Store > Deborahlynn Designs-Suncatchers & Jewelry > ~Wired Whinnies Equine Suncatchers~

Allow up to 5 days...Each piece is handmade as they are ordered, so please allow for slight variations ...It is part of the charm and uniqueness that each Whinny has it's own personality.

Created for the horse enthusiast !

  Show your love of equines with one of our ~ Wired Whinnies Equine SunJewels

  ~Wired Whinnies ~ by Deborahlynn Designs ®  are  whimsical wire horses....lovingly hand fashioned  from wire and accented with glass & crystal beads, crystal prisms and/or charms.
Our  Swarovski crystal  faceted prisms create, dynamic light effects! Each one is a unique creation ...no two are identical.

 The 'Wired Whinnies' collection was originally designed as Christmas tree ornaments, but  we' find our 'Whinnies' love to hang out just about anywhere year round and have added  larger suncatcher designs!!!

Each Wired Whinnies includes an attached hanger.

I'd love to design a custom whinnie of 'your horse' in your choice of bead colours.


Wonderful gifts for both the avid horse-lover and those who simply love horses from afar.



COPPER CARE TIPS: If your copper is showing signs of oxidation, you can clean your piece(avoiding beads) in a 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water or lemon juice with salt solution. Rinse and dry thoroughly, then store in the baggie with chalk or silica pack :)

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Wired Whinnies SunJewel 'Luna'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies SunJewel 'Luna' NEW!
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Blue Belle'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Blue Belle' NEW!
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Grace & Glory'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Grace & Glory' NEW!
Wired Whinnies Suncatcher 'Be Mine'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies Suncatcher 'Be Mine' NEW!
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Lexus'  NEW!-wire art suncatcher, wire horse, horse suncatcher,
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'Lexus' NEW!
Out of Stock
Wired Whinnies SunJewel  'Passion'  NEW!-suncatcher, wire art suncatcher
Wired Whinnies SunJewel 'Passion' NEW!
Wired Whinnies SunJewel  'Sky Dancer'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies SunJewel 'Sky Dancer' NEW!
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'A Star Is Born'  NEW!-
Wired Whinnies Sunjewel 'A Star Is Born' NEW!
Wired Whinnies SunJewel  'Queen of Hearts' NEW!-
Wired Whinnies SunJewel 'Queen of Hearts' NEW!

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