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Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials
Send us feedback......we love to hear what our customers are saying about our products and their shopping experience at 'Rhythm-n-Beads'

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Dear Customers and Friends

I have such great customers! You bless me with your kind & complimentary words and feedback.

Although custom designing can be challenging, I love collaborating on pieces with my customers until I get an "It's perfect...I love it"...which is music to my ears. By the time I have finished working on a piece for someone, I feel I have gained another 'horsey friend'...not just another sale.

I appreciate each one of you and the opportunity I have to touch your lives and the relationship with you have with your special equine friend through our products.

Happy Trails....Deborahlynn, Owner/designer/artistan  at Rhythm-n-Beads

I love my beads and bells. I have about six sets now. I don't notice them when I have them on but sure do when I forget. Love the hunting bells.
Ardys, in Maine

Zephyr loves his beads. In fact, he kept doing little shakes to hear them tinkle the first time he wore them. Trailing is his favorite and the bells accompany every foot step. We've had them for 2 weeks now and when I show them to him he lowers his... head. He only wears them when I'm with him. And this is a horse that can be spooky when he feels like it But he accepted these beads immediately and I really feel that he enjoys them.
Will I take them to a show? Sure, he'll wear them when he's tooling around the show grounds as I think it relaxes him. I know he loves them, you can see it in his face. Thanks for opening us up to something completely new and fun...

Says Georgette, of www.zephyrsgarden.com

Dorota says ...

Honestly, I can not imagine riding without beads now. They bring comfort and are beautiful. My horses love them totally. They associate beads with going out and get their heads low to let me put beads on. ♥♥♥
Thank you

My custom Wired Whinnies sunjewel arrived very quickly. It is beyond beautiful. It's perfect! The copper wire and red glass beads glisten and sparkle in the sun. I hung it in my lemon tree so I can look out my window and enjoy it all day. Thank you so much for your generosity. You truly have an amazing talent! Thank you!

Lucia M. says....."Wowee !!! The set turned out better than I would have pictured in my dreams. You have done a superb job. I am already so proud of it! Thank you so much for the work that you put in to make a vision happen. This is better than I ever thought. Thank you so very much!!!"

Ardys says.....
Every once in awhile you meet someone that moves your heart. The kindness and caring Deborah has shared with me for a friend is touching. This is the type of person I want to do business with and support when I can

I love it! and the feathers! Gosh, I just love feathers :) Thanks again! I will definitely post photos when I receive everything.
Maddie in Alberta

Hi Deborah,
I want you to know the Wired Whinnie arrived a few days ago. Many thanks for customizing the bead colors...the Whinnie is just perfect and so beautiful!  Chanel is going to love, love, love her birthday present!!
A job well done, and I'll certainly order more in the future :)
Pegasus Place Gypsy Vanners
   --Where Feathers Are Always Flying--

I received my Deborahlynn Designs 'Wired Whinny' in the mail yesterday.
Package and Presentation~Fabulous!!!!
And the item itself---COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES GORGEOUS!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I'd like to take a moment to tell all you Rhythm-n-Beads fans, just how incredibly talented Deborah really is. I'm always coming up with special requests and or ideas, and not once has Deborah ever failed to deliver. Her attention to detail is amazing!

A few days ago I had asked Deborah if she would make up a couple of custom wired whinnies to go along with two of my Beaded Horseshoes I had previously ordered. Below is an example of another job well - done.
Thank you Deborah, you're a true artist!

Tammy, in CA

Was very exited by a parcel arriving in the post today, our beautiful horse necklace from Rhythm-n-Beads which we won in the FB photo contest!!! Really happy and it is gorgeous! Can't wait to get a new pearl now to try it on when we get to Canada ♥ Thank you soooo much :) made my day!!! xxx

I received my rhythm beads today and they are beautiful beyond expectations thank you for your beautiful work. Soon I will post a picture of them around Gracie's neck.

Julie in SC

Hi Deborah
I received my wired whinnies today :) The photo doesn't do them justice. They are so adorable and are going to be such a hit for Christmas gifts this year at the hunter barn I ride at! Thank you for creating special whinnies with 'button braids' in our barn colours, for me....the detail of your workmanship is 'WOW'
I'll be back to order more most definitely, these are  great little gifts. I'm keeping mine up all year round ;)

Susan in UK

"My wired whinnies arrived and oh, my, they are spectacular!! I couldn't be more pleased. You are a true artist. I am thrilled. It will be hard for me to part with them to give them as gifts to my Friesian friends. I'm keeping Legacy for myself."
Joyce in CA

Just wanted to send a special THANK YOU SO MUCH your way! We love our Rhythm Beads that you made for our horse. My daughter got the mail first and she heard the bells and knew I had ordered them. She was so excited to open the envelop and she LOVES them!! Thank you so much. It was just what I ordered!
Bambi  in PA

You do such Beautiful Work our Boys are so pretty in thier new beads Thank You so Much !
Kathy  in FL

Received the beads yesterday - LOVE THEM! They are better than expected, and look great on both horses.( I may have to purchase the "Hopi" strand for my mare.) As soon as I get a good pic I`ll post it on FB.
Along with being an avid trail junkie I`m an aspiring dressage rider, and one horse has a slightissue with keeping a cadenced trot, so it will be interesting to see if theyhelp with that.
Rode for 3 hrs. yesterday on my big hot Paint gelding. He was calm & relaxed, trotted across Meiss Meadows nicely AND almost every hiker we came across commented on how beautiful he is. Now he is a pretty boy, and we usually do get compliments, but not this many. I think the bling helped....

Natalie in NV


I just went to my mailbox.........I am ecstatic...your finest piece ever.. a MASTERPIECE...THANK you so much for the
rearview mirror hanger....it is already in my Jeep........I LOVE IT!!....
You really outdid yourself on the horseshoe!!!....I hope you took pictures of it....I named it already...I would
love to see you "show it off on your FB page" .


Your gift made me cry...happy tears for sure....
Thank You so much for this exquisite gift during this Easter Season..It means soo much to me...
It is so much more special knowing that the shoe really was on Blak's hooves as we trail rode together...
THANK you and God Bless You with all my heart!

Donna and Blak

Just got the beautiful beads!!! They are sooooo lovely!! Thank you for the gift of the clip as well!! I can't wait to go try them on Jasper!! Wow! I can't believe they got here so fast! I love the sound they make! I am sure I will have to have more!
Thanks again!
Pam, in OR

Reata has always been a Diva, but since she got her rhythm beads, she's absolutely unbearable! She loves them and so do I and all my friends! Thanks so much for a beautiful product!


Hi Deborah,

Got my beads today -- they're so pretty!! Love them! Can't wait to put
them on my girl. And, I'll be sure to take some pics to send to you.
Thanks again!
Trish, in OR

I promise to post a picture soon, but for now let me just say that Cosmo is adorable cruising around in his beads. All the horses stop and watch him go by - nobody spooks, they just look at him with intense curiosity. I think Cosmo likes the attention. Nancy in CA

7/7/11 Received the order of rhythm beads to take to the 'Fort Fairfield Ride Best of America by Horseback' event. I was so impressed with the packaging of the beads, the brochures, business cards... very professional. The pictures on the web site, while very nice, do not even come close to showing the beauty of your work. I can't even pretend to pick a favorite. I LOVE the large acorn bell. I don't think the Friesian is going to make it to the sale ... WOW. My husband, who is not a horse person was looking at them and he was very impressed. I will take pictures at the Fort Fairfield event and email you some when I get back. Thank you for taking care of me. I can't wait to show people your work.
Ardys in ME

I was so happy to see 'ZEPHYRS GARDEN' products in your online shop...now I can buy my salves and rhythm beads in one stop :) My fav is the anti-fungal salve...it is the best!!!

Cheryl, in TN

Dear Deborah

Got them today. Thank you so much. I will try them on him tonight....he will not have his delighted face on, as he is not that kind of horse...very stoic, the strong and silent type! I know internally he will be super delighted and want to squeal the way that I did when the mail came.
Thanks again.
Aimée, in NY

Feedback from Aimee after using her beads.....
I will get a photo of Strakur in his new beads. They definitely alerted the bobcat of our whereabouts on Sunday. She heard us coming on the trail and stood her ground and kept her eye on us, (two babies in tow), and Strakur and I took the alternate route. LOL. Not only are they pretty, but they are practical!!!

hi Deborah
Your horseshoes are SOOOO beautiful. The one I bought was a gift for our barn manager....Oh, she just loved it !!! You make such gorgeous 'horsey' things.
I'll be back to order more :)
Customer in WY

Hi Deborah!
I just received the replacement bell you sent me. Thank you so much!!!! I can't wait to try my Rhythm Beads with the new bell in place. I am simply stunned by your outstanding customer service!
Thank you again,

I received the custom beaded horseshoe on Wednesday. It is beautiful. You do awesome work.

Customer in IN

Hello!!! I'm Emily and I am in Ohio and I wanted to send you some customer feedback! My pony Buck adores his beads! Buck will listen to me all the time when we ride and he rides so well when he has them on! They are so beautiful and fun! Thank you from Buck and I!

I am really looking forward to receiving your rhythm beads! We saw one vendor at the Equine Affair in Springfield, MA this past weekend, but I didn't buy any.....so I was happy to find your website. I think yours look a lot nicer, to be honest.
Thanks again.
Lark, in MA

Got the Blue Moon beaded horseshoe yesterday...it is STUNNING...
Thank you, Donna in OH

I just had to comment and say that in all the years I've been a Christian I've never read the verse about the horses and the bells!!! That is just so incredibly wonderful! Your website and creations are just absolutely wonderful and what a way to reach out and share the love of Christ. Really wish I could meet you some day. Until then I"d love to buy a set of rhythm bells for my sweet Dove. I really like the waterfall colors but want something special in the middle.............. Any ideas??? I read about your bells maybe a couple of years ago and was so intrigued. I can't wait to try them out. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and looking forward to all the good things God has in store for us and for your business.
God bless, Anna

I love my rhythm beads - check out Dakota's picture on FB!

JoAnne Meyer Herrera

My young students love it when Sir Lancelot wears his rhythm beads- I believe he enjoys them as much as the children do,."
Inspired Horsemanship
Ardys in ME

HI Deborah

Well, we got some video from a clinic that I just did where I used the beads- but no photos! I will get photos for you when I get back from a brief vacation. I left a few brochures on my table at the clinic and they were picked up by clinic attendees who were very interested in them. (they were a hit, btw, and I explained what they are, etc) I use them a little differently, however, I am conditioning my horses to bring up their energy for clinics & exhibitions with the rhythm beads, specific aromas and sport boots- they will be learning over a period of weeks and months that when I use these items, it's "showtime!" The beads are also an excellent way to keep their minds focused on their job when they are performing in front of a crowd.
Also, when you send the beads, send me a bunch of brochures, because my students and folks at my clinics like them. I am doing a clinic in April, btw.
Leslie Nichols, Liberty Trainer in AZ

I am excited to go to our state parks etc with your beads...I think they are going to be such great "ice breakers" to make new friends and create more business for you...(please send us some business cards or something that we can tuck into a cantel bag). Everyone loves your work and you have such beautiful work to offer.
Kim in IN

Hi Deborah

I finally got to ride with my rhythm beads last weekend.
Also, wanted to let you know that when I got out the rhythm beads to put on my horse on Saturday, he actually put down his head as if to say he wanted them on :) Very cool!!!
Absolutely loved them. Apache listened to them the entire ride. They are so calming and such a joy to listen to when trotting through the woods.
Thank you
Amy in IN






I am so honored to be on your site w/Jas. We are definate fans and your incredible work sells itself.

I just can't wait til we can show off your work on Indiana trails and make more happy friends. They are great conversation starters.....

I plan on ordering more for personalized gifts.

Thanks so much.

Happy Trails.

Kim & Jas

Photos of Jas can be seen on our photo page :)

I received my Rhythm beads today. They are beautiful!!! Can't wait to put them on my Haflinger. She will love them. Thank you very much.
Karen in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Thank you so much! I can't wait to get them. I'm sure every member of the drill team is going to have to have some, so get ready ! I'll be giving them your email info and website! MK

I got them and I LOVE them. I love the tassel! I'll send you pics as soon as I get them on her, probably this afternoon. Hope your Christmas was warm, blessed and full of joy with your family! MK

oooooh....I received the beaded horseshoe today. Wow, it is even more stunning than pictured. My friend is going to be the recipient of this gift and she is going to just love it! I may have to order another one for myself ;)
Susan in CA

I received the rhythm beads yesterday. The pictures don't do them justice. They are wonderful!
Customer in BC Canada

Dear Deborah,
What fast delivery.
And, Wow..the beaded horseshoes are AWESOME, even nicer than they look online. I've ordered your rhythm beads before and loved them, but the new horseshoes are SOOOO beautiful!!! They will be big hits as Christmas gifts at our stable this year.
Thank you again...I'll be back
Sherry in TX

Thank you so much! I can't wait to get the 4 rhythm bead sets. I'm sure every member of the drill team is going to have to have some, so get ready ! I'll be giving them your email info and website!

MK in AL

Dear Deborah,
I received the package today, and I wish I could tell how absolutely delighted I am with the bead sets! They all came out even better than I was expecting, especially the custom Seafoam you did. You have a real eye for design and use quality materials. I just hope I can wait until Christmas to give them.
Valerie in GA

Hi Deborah!
I just wanted to say thank you for the QUICK shipping! How on earth did you do that?!!!
Since I have already purchased 4 sets of these beads, I guess you could say that I love them and am sharing them with my horse friends (they make great gifts). My horse loves them as well (I used to sing to him - poor guy!). What a difference they made on our recent trail ride . He has calmed way down with the beads/bells and they are great for warning the hunters that have started taking over the woods. I just love your product/service and wanted you to know.
I'm sure that you'll see more orders from me!
Many thanks!
Customer in MA

Thank you for the fast shipping of my beaded horseshoe! What an artistic flair you have, and as always, the quality of your workmanship is outstanding. These are so unique and so beautiful!
I'll be back to order more for Christmas gifts.
MaryAnn in TX

Hi Deborah
I just received my handbeaded horseshoe....oh my, it is stunning...the photos do not capture their awesome beauty! I will definately be ordering more for as gifts for my 'horsey' friends who are just going to love them!
Customer in SC

Hello Deborah! Just visited RnB.
I am the founder/owner/manure scooper of Rockin' Horse Retirement Acres. We are a retirement home for older horses.
I have recently taken in two horses who would otherwise have been sent to slaughter.
One of them, an Appy x Arabian, is slowly going blind. I have read articles
that state if the sighted horse wears rhythm beads, the blind one is more
relaxed and comfortable, knowing where her friend can be found. We would
greatly appreciate receiving a donation of beads, if possible. We know it
would benefit our blind Appy.

Customer in MI

Deborah, many THANKS in advance for the beads to help Ms. LaTouche, our nearly blind Appy.
Her friend, Tiger Lily, is a rescued BLM mustang, and she will be wearing the beads.
Rockin'Horse Retirement Acres
"Rhythm-n-Beads was more than happy to donate a set of our rhythm beads to help Sue's blind Appy :)

The two custom sets I ordered (Turquoise Dreamer and Seafoam) are so amazingly beautiful. I have had Rhythm beads for several years and usually order through xxxxxx However, none of theirs were nearly as beautiful as the two I ordered. I am so impressed with the quality of your beads. I just love the vivid colors. They are gorgeous!!! One is for my blood bay and the other for my buckskin. I think they be beautiful!
Jaime in WA

Gee Deborah, you are speedy! The beads are fabulous! I am so glad I bought the orange ones for hunting season! Nice job with making them equally as beautiful as the four I have already ordered! And one of the things I love about the beads is that the bells are so nice and have a wonderful sound!
Jaime in WA (repeat customer)

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