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About Us


Rhythm Bead necklaces are intended for use when riding only.

***DO NOT tie, trailer, stall or pasture your horse with the necklace on. Attach the alligator clip to the mane only, not the saddle, saddle pad or breast collar***

Rhythm-n-Beads 'signature' necklace style rhythm beads

We have designed our necklaces with safety in mind. The materials we use include crow beads,  synthetic para cord, aligator clip,  adjustable sizing toggle and 7 genuine brass/gold or polished silver chrome plated brass bells for sizes pony through draft for our basic designs.

* Mini size is also available and comes with 5 bells.

We've improved the design of our rhythm beads.....Toggles make adjusting the size of your rhythm beads a breeze!

We only use high quality, single cut, brass bells available in a natural gold brass finish or silver plated chromed  finish (we do not use the 'tin' bells you usually see)

Our rhythm bead necklaces also come with a clip to attach the rhythm bead set to your horse's mane, so that when he lowers his head (to take a drink of water, for example), the beads will not slip off over his head.

Should the necklace at any time become caught on an immovable object, the cord  will break, freeing your horse. To always insure safety, DO NOT leave your equine unattended while he is wearing his rhythm beads.

Rhythm-n-Beads NEW 'exclusive style' of breast collar rhythm beads

Introducing a NEW, 'exclusive' design from Rhythm-n-Beads ®
Custom rhythm beads for your breast collar in your choice of colours with 7 genuine brass bells.
Snaps securely to your BC rings with swivel snap, and sliding toggles make it adjustable in size within a few inches range.
Fits most BC rings up to 1/4" thickness.

Use: You may need to take the time to desensitize your horse to Rhythm Beads before you use them as you would with any new piece of horse tack. You and your horse will find the sound of the bells to be very comforting.

 Maintenance: If your bells get a build up of tarnish due to horse sweat, simply clean with Brasso cleaner or a jewelry cleaning cloth. When not in use store in a dry place wrapped in natural cotton. Be sure beads are thoroughly dry before storing.

*** Avoid the use of fly spray, or use sparingly, in the area of necklace as the chemicals in it may cause bead and bell discolouration***

Standard Sizing Guideline
Mini 35"
Pony 45"
Horse 54"
Warm Blood 64"
Draft 70"

Each strand of beads can be manually adjusted a few inches (smaller or larger) with our sliding toggle... pretty easy!***
The placement of the clip is adjustable, and the above sizes will accommodate most horses, but should you require a special size, please send an email at rhythmnbeads@gmail.com to request a customized size (no additional charge).
Rhythm Beads should fall on the horse's neck right at what is known as the drive line". This is the area just in front of the shoulder. The beads should not be loose or tight;  they should be comfortable. They should not hang down on the horse's chest. They should clear any tack such as a breastcollar or martingale.

Measure, in inches, from in front of the withers, around the neck and back to the withers. Add approximately one to two inches to this measurement so that your rhythm beads will hang comfortably on your horse's neck. *Properly fit rhythm beads should rest just in front of your horse's shoulder, with only a 1/2-inch to one-inch drape at the center of the chest.*


After some recent inquiries about how to introduce rhythm beads to your horse, I thought I would re-post my "INTRODUCING RHYTHM BEADS "recommendations.

Introducing Your Horse To Rhythm Beads: Each horse responds differently, and while most horses do accept them almost immediately and do not require all these introduction step, I still recommend following them. Be sensible....Introduce as you would any new piece of tack.

First, hold your Rhythm Beads in your hand, muffling the bells and let your horse explore and sniff the beads. When your horse relaxes, take the beads away. Next, hold the beads against their neck, side, or back (whichever they are most comfortable with). Repeat again on different area of your horse until they stand still and relaxed. When your horse is completely comfortable, lightly massage them again with the rhythm beads and let the bells jingle a little. The key is to start off slowly, allowing the horse to succeed at every step of the introduction. At this point, put the rhythm beads over your horses; head as you would a bridle and reins, attaching the clip to the mane so the rhythm beads stay secure. With the beads on your horse, lead him around at a walk, then spend some time playing in the arena with some free lunging. For safely, I strongly recommend that you lead and free lunge at a walk and trot with the Rhythm Beads before riding out!

Job 39:19
Hast thou given the horse strength? hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?

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